Urbiotica: 1st participation in Municipalia

The technological company Urbiotica will participate in the next edition of the International Fair Municipalia presenting its solutions of urban parking guidance, regulated parking control and urban noise monitoring.

Urbiotica’s parking guidance and control solutions are designed to improve mobility. Wireless and autonomous sensors provide real-time information on the availability of parking spaces in different areas of the municipality that are shared in real time with drivers through information panels and mobile applications. The municipal managers obtain information on the level of occupancy, the number and duration of parking sessions and can efficiently control the use of regulated parking spaces. Cities such as Ibiza, Castellón, Santiago de Chile or Burlington (Canada) have already implemented Urbiotica’s urban guidance system.

The Urbiotica noise monitoring solution uses noise sensors to measure noise pollution in a continuous and totally autonomous way without the need for intervention by a technician. With the data obtained by the sensor network, acoustic quality information is generated which allows monitoring and control of areas with high noise levels by traffic, night time, works and industrial activities. The cities of Girona and Alicante already have in place the system of continuous monitoring of Urbiotica and share the information with their citizens through the municipal website.


About Urbiotica
Urbiotica is a company founded in Barcelona and specialized in the design and development of state-of-the-art sensor systems that provide real-time information on what is happening in the areas of mobility and environmental monitoring. It currently has projects installed in more than 40 cities on 3 continents.


Links of interest:
Urban guided solution
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More information:
Maria Huidobro – Noise Monitoring | Camille Loth – Parking
info@urbiotica.com | www.urbiotica.com



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