SauloSolid: highly stabilized Earth Soil Pavements

We have completed works available for visits in a large parts of Catalonia.

We enjoy showing how these works mature and become beautiful at the same time, 6 years after completion

These pavements are available for pedestrians, cyclists and light road traffic.

Uniformity, durability and resistance to abrasion are features that turn our processes into true pavements.

We do not stabilize soils. We make totally uniformed pavements which last many years.

We are attending this fair to show this type of pavement to anybody who might still have problems with the different kinds of stabilizations that has been analysed and carried out.

We will display our own technology to stabilize soils from the region, contribution lands, recycled aggregate and even some prefabricated made of these very same soils.






Pavement for pedestrians at a municipal park in Figueres


Inner itinerary from the Croscat volcano to the Parque Natural de la Garrotxa.


You will find us at stand 224, in the 2th Pavilion.


In 2007, the R & D Department of Massachs Obres i Paisatge, together with the testing laboratory, started to research and develop new procedures. After much intensive research, an additives application system to guarantee uniformity and durability of application to existing soil was developed.

The system was launched in 2012, with its pertinent Quality certification. This certification guarantees the perfect application of those additives, achieving the maximum uniformity and a unique and optimal moisture point to seal it perfectly, with a very high resistance to erosion. This leads to a naturally adapted and eco-friendly pavement as a result.

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