Quid Comunicació: An efficient communication within the reach of any administration

Quid Comunicació offers integral or temporary management of the communication needs of any town, no matter its size, at Municipalia.

Whether big or small, the city council needs to keep every inhabitant updated, to communicate in an understandable, appealing and direct way. With more than 15 years of experience, Quid Comunicació offers the tools that adapt to the needs and abilities of all the city councils it works with. Municipal magazines, social media management, municipal websites, corporate campaigns, press department and media attention, … these are just some of the services that we offer thanks to our multi-disciplinary structure, which involves journalists, counsellors, advertising agents, designers, layout designers and programmers.

Experts on content creation
Quid Comunicació is a communication agency specialising in public and political communication strategies. This means what matters the most is not just what you say, but how you actually say it. Content writing is one of our most important priorities, considering the media we work with. News which is not explained correctly can become a potential danger to any administration.


Our company is especially careful when it comes to content, since the most important thing is not just what is explained but how it is done.


How can potential risks be detected and corrected by our municipal communication? Quid Comunicació gives advice and offers services as a counsellor, to overcome any potential daily difficulty when working on the communications of an administration. “How can we explain our decisions to the citizens?”, “How can we deal with a crisis?” or “Which tools can we use to offer a positive image of our administration?” are just some of the questions which our firm can answer for you.


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