Municipalia spreads its indoor surface responding to the demand for more space

Four months before its celebration, the venue has 100% of occupation in its pavilions.


Fira de Lleida has hired the whole indoor surface of Municipalia and Innocamping, parallel venues which will take place from the 24th to the 26th October in the grounds of the Catalan city. Pavilions 1, 3 and 4 (indoor) and pavilion 2 (semi-indoor), a total of 12,450m2, are fully occupied. In response to the growing demands by the companies of the sector, Municipalia and Innocamping will enlarge the indoor zone with a marquee.

The director of Fira de Lleida, Oril Oró, considers this “to be a good answer by the exhibitors, as a result not just of the prestige and long history of the fair, but of the strategic agreements that allow us to reach an international position and improve our chances in the global market, too”.

The 19th edition of Municipalia (Feria Internacional de Equipamientos y Servicios Municipales) and the 3rd edition of Innocamping (Salón Nacional Profesional de Servicios y Equipamientos para los Campings y Empresas del Ocio al Aire Libre) will take place this winter with more than 300 exhibitors and a parallel program formed of 40 activities.

Municipalia is now a market-leader in urban services and equipments in Spain and the south of Europe. 15% of exhibitors at the previous event were foreign, with companies from Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Portugal and Turkey.

As for this year, one of the most important pieces of news is the II Misión Técnica Internacional Soluciones Sostenibles para la Gestión de Nuestras Ciudades, an initiative between Fira de Lleida and Unión Iberoamericana de Municipalistas (UIM), which will result in thirty political and technical representatives (mayors, councillors, senior managers, public administration assistants and experts from several countries) coming from Latin American countries.

The mission will focus its sessions on the fields of sustainable solutions for the management of modern cities, urban waste, water management, mobility, security, renewable energies and energetic efficiency.

The sectors represented in Municipalia and Innocamping include mobility and transport, as well as street lighting, information technologies, sports and leisure facilities, municipal cleaning, environment, urban furniture, renewable energies, necropolis, public works, parks and gardens, services offer, surveillance and security, signposting and security on road networks, water treatment, sewage sludge, industrial and urban solid waste, swimming pools and purification systems, waste collecting and selecting systems, bungalows and mobile homes, indoors and outdoors furniture, access control and automatisms and, finally, electric vehicles.




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