Municipalia expands throughout Latin America

An agreement with the Unión Iberoamericana de Municipalista has resulted in a technical mission by authorities from that zone.

This Wednesday, The Fira de Lleida and the Unión Iberoamericana de Municipalistas (UIM) have signed a collaboration agreement to assist in the organization of an international technical mission which will bring thirty political representatives and technicians from several Latin-American countries in Municipalia. The mission, which will include mayors, counselors, senior managers, public administrations technicians and experts from different Latin-American countries, will be a great opportunity to exchange experiences and discuss the evolution of townships, as well as to discuss the new challenges faced by cities and towns nowadays, in order to get an intelligent, efficient and sustainable form of development.

The II Misión Técnica Internacional Soluciones Sostenibles para la Gestión de Nuestras Ciudades will not just promote the internalisation of Municipalia in Latin America, but facilitate the participant authorities familiarization with the Spanish public administration management, too. By doing this, specific and innovative experience  developed by certain cities will be exchanged. Equally, this initiative aims to promote collaboration, networking and commercial contact among the public and private sectors including authorities, technicians and companies.

Àngel Ros, Mayor of Lleida and President of the Patronato de la Fundación Fira de Lleida, explained that Municipalia must open its doors to Latin America, Europe, the North of Africa and the Middle East to continue being a reference forum of equipment and services. Having said this, the agreement will be crucial in managing the participation of many Latin-American technicians in Municipalia, as it will provide contacts among the exhibiting companies.

Federico A. Castillo, the Secretary General of UIM, explained that this organization, focused on providing a sustainable development among the Ibero-American regions, plans to carry out this technical mission as a tool to “find innovative solutions and look for new alternatives to offer public services, since Spain is a reference for Latin-American countries”, in the same way that “Municipalia is a reference for the different fairs of this sector that are held on the American continent.”

As for the scope of work, the international technical mission will focus sessions on sustainable solutions to manage cities, discussing issues such as urban waste, water management, transportation, security, renewable energies and energy efficiency.

It must not be forgotten that the first edition of the technical mission gathered several representatives from different towns in Argentina, Peru, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Paraguay, Equator, Guatemala and Costa Rica together.

The 19th edition of Municipalia (Salón Internacional de Equipamientos y Servicios Municipales) will take place from the 24th to the 26th of October at the Fira de Lleida. Established in 1981, nowadays it is the premiere fair in this sector in Spain, as well as a reference in equipments and urban services related to the environment, waste management and solutions for the administrations.

The fair will have a big exhibition area full of the reference companies in the sector, innovative companies and a wide range of technical business days offering solutions to optimise municipal management, with pioneering and sustainable ideas for the progress of a city and the profitability of investments.



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