Issue 180 of the Equipamiento y Servicios Municipales magazine is now available in digital format for reading

In this second edition of the year, we review the most current topics in the sector as usual, with the publication of news, technological news, articles on projects, reports on waste collection and street cleaning, street lighting and energy efficiency, smart cities, new public spaces, equipment in the municipalities, mobility and many other topics.

On the front page we find an aerial view of Av. Gasteiz of Vitoria, referring to the article that you can see inside the magazine on the sustainable management of the service of conservation of green areas of the city. A service that includes the integral maintenance of the eight large parks of the city, mowing and clearing more than three million square meters, weeding and digging more than two hundred thousand square meters of shrubs, rosegardens and vivaces, hedges and pruning of shrubs, management of the neighborhood green infrastructure and irrigation works.

We also want to highlight the article about the first phase of the integral remodeling of Alcalde Clemente Díaz Ruiz avenue in Fuengirola, which with 15,500 square meters is one of the main accesses to the city. The project has had a budget of more than 2.5 million euros and is committed to combining pedestrian areas with vehicles and car parks, with a complete overhaul of underground and surface infrastructure.

In terms of waste collection you will find several articles, including the new system of collecting MSW of bilateral cargo with robotized crane that has implemented the Vega Services Consortium, which serves more than 30 towns in the province of Seville. A pioneer system in the Iberian Peninsula to allow a more efficient and efficient collection, since the need for personnel is reduced since only a single worker is necessary to perform the function.

Within the section of public lighting, you can read an interesting article on the project to improve lighting in the neighborhoods of Palma (Mallorca). The new contract for the period between 2015 and 2019 has an investment of 21.7 million euros for new performances, which will involve about 25,000 light points in the city. This investment will mean an annual saving of more than one million euros in electricity consumption.

Finally comment that you can also read a report on the new urban park in Malilla, with an area of ​​70,000 square meters is one of the most complete urban parks in Valencia. It has 86 urban gardens, 27,000 meters of green areas, in addition to a playground, an area of ​​9,180 square meters for the construction of a sports facility, playground, space for canine recreation, three pools for irrigation and three historical carefully restored farmhouses.

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