Issue 179 of the Equipamiento y Servicios Municipales magazine is now available in digital format for reading

You can consult the digital edition of issue number 179 of Municipal Equipment and Services. In this new issue, we go over the most important current issues in the sector, as usual, through the publication of news, technological breakthroughs, articles on projects, reports about public lightning and energy efficiency, waste collection and street cleaning, smart cities, mobility, new urban spaces, municipal equipment and many other subjects.

Among all the content you will find in this issue, we highlight the article on the new Parque de La Remonta in Santander, which is built on an old military site of 100,000 square meters. It has a path of 900 meters which all the neighbours will be able to enjoy during their walks, in addition to its wide meadows and several resting areas. As for its vegetation, the park has 12,800 square meters of grass and a total of 142 trees. This new space has been completed with the installation of urban furniture and sign posts, along with 43 LED streetlights, in order to light the new park.

We would also like to focus on the report on beach cleaning in Marbella, which you will also find in this new edition. With 27 kilometres and 25 beaches, this is one of the most important services provided by the City Council. It consists of 8 beach cleaning machines, as well as 8 tractors which carry out the sieving and turning of the sand. They also have a crane with spades and a stone remover, as well as 4 auxiliary vehicles. As for the workers, they have 500 baskets and 15 collection points, in order to deposit waste. The Beach Plan from 2017 has another novelty, which consists of several play centres, libraries and canine areas.

In the Energy Efficiency section, you will also be able to read, among other things, a very interesting article about a biomass heating network located in Torrelago, Valladolid, which has reduced total energy demand by 40% through this project as defined by the European CityFied initiative.

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