Dulecentre, S.A. will exhibit in Municipalia 2017

Dulecentre, S.A. -Maliv has been an exclusive importer of DULEVO INTERNATIONAL for more than 30 years. Our main commitment consists of distributing industrial and street cleaning machinery to cleaning companies, councils and industries from every sector and after-sales service.

We have a complete range to attend to the most demanding needs, from our smallest vacuum (Dulevac Magic 5) to our biggest road sweeper (Dulevo 6000 Revolution or its natural gas version D-6000 ZERO), apart from a wide range of scrub machines of different sizes, as well as industrial and cement sector sweepers. We can also offer autonomous pressure washer systems, even assembled in a van. Our global propositions, additionally, include vehicles to carry municipal bins and industrial suction systems.


New models DULEVO of C.N. GAS; the 6000 CNG sweeper and the 6000 CNG watering vehicles, that offer the best solution between maximum benefits and the greater respect to the environment of our cities. The great innovation in Municipalia is the presentation of our sweeper DULEVO 100% Electrical with lithium battery that ensures more than 8 hours of autonomy.


Our own new official after-sales service DULEVO, a logistical delivery system following our high quality standards, results in a comprehensive institutional, industrial and commercial proposal in the cleaning sector.

We are aware of the value that each customer requires, and this is the reason why each of our departments is formed of people specialising in responding to every need or demand from the clients, as well as resolving any of their problems or proposing new methods of work.

All the products which we commercialise – especially our DULEVO cleaning machinery of more than 100 models – are guaranteed high quality, as they have been produced in Europe following the ISO 9001 regulation. They been successful under the most exacting quality controls made by the accredited laboratories DNV, TÜV, BGIA and Studio Alfa. Furthermore, our products have been created ergonomically to guarantee their easy handling, high efficiency and environmental respect, to save both water and fuel.

Our successful Gore Tex filter for sweepers, a unique tool in the market patented by Dulevo, is capable of stopping the smallest particles, as well as saving a large amount of water. The suction capacity of the PM10 is almost total;  98% in the case of the PM5.

This complete and global range of products and services is at your disposal, consult us about your cleaning needs without any obligation.

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Tel. +34-937-293-222

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