Distromel to take part in the Feria Internacional Municipalia

Distromel will take part in Municipalia (Lleida) showing several news features in its software and hardware systems.

Distromel is a system engineering company which has designed and developed a range of products over 20 years giving exhaustive and sustainable control of urban waste collection activities.

Distromel presents one of the new functions included in its new management system, which gives the identification of the driver in the cabin.  Consequently, the services carried out are linked to a worker in a secure manner without fear of manipulation. Other development processes include weighing systems for lateral and upper loads, as well as obtaining and analysing Can Bus data.

Furthermore, Distromel will present a new data analysis module which allows the analyis of any information related to collecting and weighing activities per township, even per population in a township. These facilities result in statistics about the average weight per collection, route or township, which is simplified now thanks to the advances by siGEUS.

Close contact with the custumer gives the opportunity to develop these functions, since it assists the understanding of all current needs in urban services management.

Distromel has a close relationship with the main lifting manufacturers, in order to perfect its weighing and identification systems, obtaining the most accurate development for each collection type. This is the reason why Distromel presents its new weighing systems through two different lateral load lifting brands, which will be more robustness and better adaptated to the current needs of the market.



Information provided by the exhibiting company.


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