Acústics Ambient will be present in Municipalia 2017

Acústics Ambient SL, acoustic consulting, has been working since 2000 on reducing sound pressure levels in industry and the environment, as well as in the development of new products, construction systems for insulation and acoustic conditioning.

Acoustic pollution in cities has become one of the main sources of complaints at the municipal level. The society is becoming more demanding with the acoustic comfort required. The legislation rules on the levels to be met and the municipalities are the main managers and responsible for compliance with the regulations.

The municipalities must carry out the management of an atypical pollutant, complicated to evaluate and manage. More and more specialized and rigorous management of noise pollution is required.

In the next edition of Municipalia, ACUSTICS AMBIENT SL presents the projects carried out in different cities, as well as the possible collaboration facilitating the management of noise pollution.

Municipal noise pollution management tools:
Acoustic map. Strategic map of Acoustic pollution. Acoustic Impact Study. Sonometries. Measurement of vibrations. Acoustic Simulation.

The correct approval of the acoustic and strategic capacity maps facilitate the management of noise pollution of the cities.

The Action Plan and the commitment to its approval, as a management tool against noise reduction in cities.

Revision of the Municipal Ordinances of Protection against noise pollution.

Monitoring of municipal noise pollution. Smart City tools for correct management of noise pollution in cities.

Management of acoustics in night time entertainment.

Correct management and planning of acoustic pollution of outdoor musical events.

Acoustic study of redistribution of events such as concerts, music festivals, open-air dances, etc …

Administrative management of complaints of noise pollution by municipalities.

Design of Acoustic spaces: pavilions, music schools, theaters, auditoriums, etc …

Analysis of reduction of sound pressure levels of urban waste collection systems.


Information provided by the exhibiting company.
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