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Giralt Urbana&Industrial: ergonomic design for street cleaning carts in Municipalia 2017

Street cleaning in Spain has become more professional in recent years, as well as the design of road sweepers, which has been developed to meet the need to adapt better to current municipal cleaning services. The cart has been updated with solutions which improve its weight, resistance and durability, as well as its drivability, arrangement of the cleaning tools while they are not being used, etc.

Ergonomic design has become more important recently, including not just all the materials used by street cleaning workers, but their carts and sweepers, too.

Accordingly, the new DI-120 cart, which GIRALT Urbana & Industrial will present at Municipalia 2017, is a step forward for the sector. This cart, designed with a stainless steel chassis to improve its resistance, has an advanced design to avoid the use of excess material, which consequently is unnecessary for its structure and functionality and avoids extra weight.

The design of this car has been totally adapted to its user, noticeable in every detail, such as the equipment which holds cleaning tools and is more versatile than more common alternatives. Their design allows the dirty part of the tools to be lower and is thus further from the worker, in order to minimize the inconvenience to both cleaners and pedestrians.  This design also includes a new arrangement for the bin, so that its open cover does not annoy the worker while cleaning. However, its skip holding system is the most remarkable feature: in a very simple way, it allows loading and emptying the bin of the cart with minimum effort. This is possible by opening a discrete cover and balancing the bin on its own axis, which is also a support for during normal use.



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