The Sant Miquel Fair claims its role as an economic motor without renouncing security

Organisers say it will be a benchmark for the rest of the exhibition world

It will use an innovative artificial intelligence system to detect and monitor compliance with standards for prevention, mitigation and containment of the epidemic in real time

Utilizzerà un innovativo sistema di intelligenza artificiale per rilevare e monitorare il rispetto delle norme di prevenzione, mitigazione e contenimento dell’epidemia in tempo reale

This edition is specifically aimed at “visitors who are really interested in buying

The Sant Miquel Agricultural Fair and the Eurofruit show cannot renounce their role as an economic engine, an economic dynamizer and a business meeting point, as well as the role of a reference point for sectors such as agriculture, livestock and the automotive industry, guaranteeing the health safety of people at all times in the face of the threat of the Covid-19. This was the opinion expressed today by the Mayor of Lleida and President of Fira de Lleida’s Board of Trustees, Miquel Pueyo, who reviewed the meeting of the Delegate Committee of the Fira de Lleida Foundation with regard to the upcoming edition of Sant Miquel and Eurofruit. Pueyo reminded the audience of the value of any action aimed at recovering the economy, and pointed out the great economic impact of the fair on the participating sectors and on the territory as a whole.

The Mayor stated that the Lleida-based show, which this year will implement an innovative Artificial Intelligence system to ensure compliance with health care protocols, will also become a pioneering model to be followed by other trade fair events in the country. It should be remembered that the agricultural trade fair will take place from 24th to 27th September in the Fira de Lleida exhibition centre.

The president of the province of Lleida, Joan Talarn, stressed the responsibility of the patron institutions of Fira de Lleida both in terms of the safety of citizens and the economic promotion of the territory. He also stressed that this edition of Sant Miquel and Eurofruit could become a model to follow for the rest of the fairs in the province of Lleida.

Ramon Farré, the Government of Catalonia’s delegate in Lleida, stressed that the rigorous security measures that will be put in place (capacity control, use of masks, social distance) will be associated with a control of the traceability of all the people who enter the fair to avoid contagion in the event of detecting a positive one, adding that activities such as the technical conferences will be especially controlled, “and many will even be done telematically”.

“Great news for the city, for the business fabric of the territory and for the country”. Jaume Saltó, the president of the Lleida Chamber of Commerce, stated that the celebration of the Sant Miquel Agricultural Fair and Eurofruit marks a milestone in the beginning of the economic recovery and that it represents a great business opportunity for companies from the sectors represented at the fair that have had little commercial activity in recent months.

Finally, the general manager of Fira de Lleida, Oriol Oró, explained the pioneering Artificial Intelligence solutions that will be applied at the Sant Miquel Fair, with a video camera system that will monitor people entering and leaving the fairground and will automatically warn in real time when the protocols for capacity, social distance, use of masks, etc. are not met, so that security personnel can act to rectify the situation.

Oró added that this is a show which responds to various economic sectors (agricultural machinery and services, automotive industry, civil engineering machinery, etc.) and that this year “is aimed at visitors who are really interested in buying more than those who simply want to come for a walk”.

It should be remembered that the health safety system to be installed at the fair consists of a series of cameras with a sophisticated algorithmic system, designed to detect, manage alerts and notify those in charge of the fair in real time, so that they can act and guarantee the protection of people when basic safety standards are not met: social distance, gauging, use of masks and body temperature control.

When the software detects that any of the rules are not being completed, it generates an alert and sends a notification to those responsible for the Fira de Lleida. Internal workers or employees identified by the system communicate the infraction and execute the pertinent actions according to the protocol established by shifts and/or communication channels, implemented through push messages from the app, SMS or email, always aided by the control panel which includes camera management for scenes and heat maps for viewing by areas.

This software, developed by AI.JUST, a spin-off of the Lleida-based company Just Digital, is the first technological solution, a pioneer in Spain, capable of identifying in a complete manner and in real time the four main security standards required for the prevention, mitigation and containment of Covid.

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