The irrigation sector presents the novelties at the Sant Miquel Agricultural Fair–Eurofruit

The use of photovoltaic panels to produce energy to pump water, the star of the innovations that visitors will see


Professionals who visit the Sant Miquel Agricultural Fair and the Eurofruit exhibition, parallel events that will take place from September 28 to October 1, 2017 at the Fira de Lleida, will find a wide range of services and innovations related to irrigation. This year, Aigües del Segarra Garrigues, SA (ASG), Hidrolec, Ongrub Medi Ambient, SL, Regs RM and Hidromatic Ponent, SL

Aigües del Segarra Garrigues, SA (ASG) participates for another year with its own stand at Sant Miquel-Eurofruit to inform and resolve doubts to irrigators and the public in general about the Segarra-Garrigues System. ASG is the company awarded the contract for the execution of the land consolidation projects and the drafting of the construction projects, the execution of the works, the operation and maintenance of the irrigation system of the Segarra-Garrigues System.

Hidrolec is committed to watering the solar pumping system with the use of photovoltaic panels to obtain the energy of the sun to run a submerged water pump and extract the amount needed to irrigate several hectares of fields. Hidrolec is a family-owned company that is dedicated mainly to the treatment of water and electricity in all its aspects: wells and perforations, hydraulic networks, irrigation, pumps, electricity, alternative energies, remote management and water treatment.

Ongrub Medi Ambient, SL will present at Sant Miquel-Eurofruit its water pumping system, with the use of energy produced by photovoltaic panels. This photovoltaic solar installation for self-consumption has already been used in different fields with fruit trees and almond trees. Ongrub Medi Ambient, SL is dedicated to the commercialization, the design, the execution of work and the maintenance of irrigation systems (dripping and sprinkling), pumping stations, irrigation communities, filtration, automatism, irrigation gardening, drinking water networks, swimming pools and water treatment.

Regs RM is a specialist in the agricultural sector, in irrigation winders, irrigation systems (sprinkling and dripping), total sprinkler coverings, waterproofing of reservoirs, hydraulic works and pumping systems. The company is increasingly supplying automated irrigation facilities, which are used by small and large farmland owners and offer significant water and energy savings, since programmers can be used to determine the hours and amount of water. The most common installations are the system of irrigation by winder (the most economical option and allowing irrigation of several plots with the same machine), pivot system (for a specific plot) and irrigation system by sprinkling and dripping.

Hidromatic Ponent, SL will present at Sant Miguel–Eurofruit the latest developments in facilities, materials and accessories for irrigation in farms.



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