Tecno-irrigation: innovative solutions in irrigation systems

Hidromatic will be present at the Sant Miquel Fair – Eurofruit 2018


Hidromatic will present at the Sant Miquel – Eurofruit Fair in Lleida its integral system of irrigation installations. It groups in a single company the agronomic advice, the hydraulic design, the manufacturing processes of the irrigation head, prefabricated cabins, steel boilermaking, polyethylene boilermaking, electricity, electromechanics, irrigation automatisms, excavations, pre-assembly, transport and after-sales.

It will also present its technological innovations that are solutions to the real problems of its customers: long-lasting hydrants, slurry injection systems, solar pumping, energy optimization systems, monitoring and management of lateral pipelines and irrigation communities.

The integral system of Hidromatic irrigation installations optimizes the execution of irrigation projects. With a minimum of time, they respond to customers. All quality parameters are defined. Precision engineering together with the assembly and manufacturing equipment and the kit system (pre-assembly) allows us to provide high quality standards. An agile after-sales service, with well trained and experienced people, guarantees the continuous operation of our facilities.

The innovations, long-lasting hydrants, radically reduce the maintenance tasks of the installations. The slurry injection system, unique in the market, is the solution to the use and distribution of slurry by the sprinkler system. Solar pumps are the answer to lowering the energy costs of pumping water. The Hidromatic service for monitoring lateral pipelines and irrigation communities, with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service, allows the water demand to be optimized, with total autonomy for the irrigators.

Hidromatic is a provider of efficient and durable irrigation solutions for agriculture. Born in 1999. Located in Soses (Lleida). For 18 years it has created a team of 45 highly professional people and has equipped itself with the means of production to meet the needs of current irrigation projects.



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