Precision farming services in Eurofruit

Companies such as Agroptima, Isagri, MCSystems and ModpoW present the latest news from the sector in Lleida


For those professionals keen on visiting the Feria Agraria de Sant Miquel and the Salón Eurofruit will find a wide range of services related to precision farming with parallel meetings taking place from next September 28th until October 1st in the Fira de Lleida. Companies such as Agroptima, Isagri, MCSystems and ModpoW will present the latest news of the sector in Lleida


ModpoW will present the “ModpoW AgriTechnologies” application, the latest wireless data monitoring system based on sensor technology, which allows the control of  irrigation and fertilisation of trees, in order to optimise the productivity of crops. Through several suction probes, data is constantly collected, while the system facilitates its management and the development of process control programs to make critical decisions, such as the irrigation frequency and the proper input of fertilisers.

ModpoW, a start-up specialized in the development of wireless information and data monitoring systems, was created in 2010 by four electronic engineers at La Salle.


Agroptima, the mobile application to keep a Field Notebook and manage agricultural farms from a mobile phone or tablet, will present its new multiuser functionality in the Feria de Sant Miquel, which meets the needs of having different access levels to the application, according to the different roles carried out on a farm.

The first access level available from June on is “Access only to the App”. This permission allows the worker to have access to the App through their mail and password, as well as seeing and entering any works carried out. By doing so, the worker will not have access either to the Website Account nor Costs Module. All the works carried out by the different users are received in the same account at simultaneously, whereas access to private data can be restricted.

With this news, Agroptima offers  farmers a tool to keep agronomical and cost control of every single operation from the field, to have their data synchronised and updated from different profiles and, finally, to have access to their account from any location, maximizing their profits.

Agroptima was founded in 2014 with the aim of turning agriculture into a more competitive activity, thanks to simple access to data and software.  Founded by farmers and engineers, its mission consists of providing a tool which allows the farmer to control their farm in an easy and efficient way. Agroptima has had more than 60,000 downloads and 10 innovation awards, and has a team of 20 professionals dedicated to the agricultural sector.


Isagri, a pioneering company in international computing solutions for the management of agricultural, stock, viniculture and viticulture farms, has developed a piece of software not just to manage both costs and sources (equipments and workforce), but to carry out the technical tracking of the different crops, in order to ease the administrative and legal obligations, such as traceability and field notebooks, and to create advanced GPS guiding systems for agricultural vehicles.

Several applications, such as Geofolia, for agricultural farming management, allow the farmer to keep detailed cost management (focusing on plots and crops), having all the updated data available on their computer, smart phone or tablet.

Through 1,400 workers and 400 self-employed collaborators, Isagri serves more than 3,000 farms and agricultural, stock, viniculture and viticulture companies, generating an exhaustive data analysis which eases the optimisation of technical and financial sources. The company is present in 20 countries through its affiliated companies and distributors.


MCSystems will present a new system to monitor fodder levels and other products stocked in silos, as well as to program production flow and transport logistics. This device is based on a probe which emits a laser beam: its signal is sent to a server, which provides a warning. By doing this, it is possible to know when the new fodder order or production process should be made.

MCSystems was born with intention of offering a reliable and affordable solution to control and and prevent stock management problems in agriculture and livestock farms. Through these measuring systems in addition to monitoring and data management, a reliable data reading on the levels of the fodder stores, is obtained which eases stock management and optimisation of supply and replacement logistics.


Precision farming
Precision farming consists of the application of information and communication technologies to agriculture (known as agroTICs), which allow us to obtain data about the crops and their surroundings. This allows it to be processed and turned into useful information, both treating and storing all the data to help us make decisions. Having all this detailed information about the features of the crop and its conditions (land, weather, etc.) helps farmers and experienced technicians to base their management on a well-founded decision-making, in order to improve the cost effectiveness of the farms.

Since fields do not produce exactly the same results due to inherent differences, the aim of precision farming is to manage every plot taking this variability into account, not in a uniform but a specific way, paying attention to the different areas with similar features that can be defined.


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