Plant nurseries are consolidated in Eurofruit

The 32nd Eurofruit (Feria Profesional de Proveedores de la Industria Frutícola), which will take place from September the 28th to October the 1st 2017, together with the 63rd Feria Agraria de Sant Miquel (Salón Nacional de la Maquinaria Agrícola), will highlight plant nurseries, one of the most firmly established sectors in this great agricultural fair. Stone fruits, seeds and truffle production, as well as grafts and rootstocks, will be some of the sections offered by the nurseries.

The plant nurseries which have already confirmed their participation in the agricultural meeting in Lleida are Certiplant (Mollerussa), Inotruf (Sarrión, Teruel), Plantas de Navarra SA (Valtierra, Navarra), Plavise SAT (Alguaire), Serviplant Cataluña (Vinyols and Els Arcs) and Viveros Qualityplant SLU (Lleida).

Certiplant, a Grupo Nufri company, is a production leader in certified apple trees and pears saplings and has some of the best clones of each variety. It is also at the cutting edge in the variety breakthroughs in stone fruits. The company supports variety innovation and will promote varieties such as the Elliot or Harrow Sweet pears.

Serviplant Cataluña will display a wide range of plants from several woody agricultural species, such as the almond tree or the peach tree, showcasing some new and lesser known varieties from our country.

The company Plavise will take part in the fair, too, with its range of patterns (rootstocks) and certified apple trees and pears saplings. It will also display peach seeds.

Inotruf, one of the few companies of our country focused on the high quality mycorrhizal plant production, will show its catalogue of mycorrhizal saplings of black and summer truffles.

Viveros Qualityplant SLU will present the latest news on apples, peaches, apricots and nectarines seeds, as well as anti-hail meshes.

Plantas de Navarra SA is one of the world’s biggest plant nurseries of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and asparagus, as well as garlic seeds and fruit trees (peaches, nectarines and Saturn peaches). It is also a vegetable varieties breeder.

As for the geographical area of Catalonia, there are more than 200 companies which produce living plants nowadays. This Catalan production sector covers a 1,800 hectares crop area, with 1,600 hectares of outdoor cultivation and 200 hectares of greenhouses.

The companies in this sector are small or medium and mostly family owned. The size of the farms can vary from one hectare -in the case of the intensive crops of ornamental plants inside greenhouses- to more than 50 hectares in the case of outdoors trees and  production of bushes.

The production of living plants includes ornamental trees crops, as well as Christmas trees, ornamental bushes, conifers, cactus, aromatic plants, season plants, vivacious plants, shade plants, Mediterranean plants, crass plants, palm trees, forest plants, fruit trees and the reproduction vegetal material of the old productions (plant tissue culture, seed germination, rooting of cuttings and rootstocks).


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