The Fira de Lleida’s desire to adapt its services to the current economy and to provide a response to the various production sectors has led it to set up the first edition of the International Exhibition of Suppliers to the Fruit-Growing Industry – Eurofruit Exhibition, an event intended exclusively for professionals in the fruit sector.

The exhibition will be held in Hall  4 of the Fira de Lleida from 30th September to 3rd October, 2021. It will bring together the entire offer in terms of services and supplies for the fruit-growing industrial sector.

An exhibition with those features can only emerge and grow in a city that acts as the chief town for a large territory, and that is the economic and nerve centre of districts that underpin its activity in the fruit-growing sector.

For almost three decades, the Fira de Lleida has been organising the International Fruit Sector Exhibition, an event that is held in parallel with the Sant Miguel Agricultural Fair and that has become a reference meeting place for professionals, manufacturers, and distributors connected with the fruit sector in Catalonia, Spain, and Europe.

From the very beginning, the exhibition has aimed at having a wide spectrum of sectors on show in order to cover the entire process of fruit production and sales. That globalised philosophy has attracted businesses ranging from fertilisation and seed companies, via machinery companies, to services relating to promotion and sales.


The Fira de Lleida is not handling the project alone. We understand that the current macro-economic situation, the competition between exhibitions, and the growing specialisation of the agricultural sector make us seek alliances and travelling companions who help us to plan, focus, and implement the dimensions and the offer of this new event, based on the real demands and needs of professionals in the fruit sector.


Technical data

Dates: 30 September to 3 October, 2021
Venue: Fira de Lleida Exhibition Centre (Lleida, Spain)
Opening hours: from 9.30 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.
Periodicity: Annual
Organised by: FIRA DE LLEIDA (Tel. +34 973 70 50 00)

Why take part?

• •

• Because there is no other exhibition with those features, and the Eurofruit International Exhibition has 28 previous editions – which is a good precedent.
• Because it is a professional exhibition designed with professionals in mind, and it offers business contacts as well as business possibilities.
• Because the Fira de Lleida has demonstrated its specialisation in the primary sector as we as its organisational ability with the Sant Miguel Agricultural Fair.
• Because Lleida is a very important production area with significant economic influence of surrounding areas.
• Because it enjoys the support of Afrucat, the Asociación Empresarial de Fruta de Cataluña (Catalonia Fruit Business Association), producers who know what they have in their hands and what the sector needs.
• Because come the month of September, planning needs to begin on the next fruit-growing campaign.
• Because there is a team of professionals available to advise me in distributing my products and in setting up visits and contacts.
• Because it offers me an area to present the new items that I bring to the exhibition.
• Because in return for a minimum investment, I shall have access on a single site to tens of potential clients without having to visit them one by one.
• Because I shall have available a showcase that concentrates the entire offer relating to fruit-growing – and that will help me to save on travel, time, and money.
• Because I shall update my knowledge and by information on the sector, thanks to the technical open days and specialist conferences.
• Because a time of crisis is not the time to fall back, but the time to benefit from any opportunity to make oneself more visible.


• Identifying each exhibitor’s commercial and promotional objectives.
• Generating and implementing strategies that encourage professional meetings between exhibitors and professional visitors.
• Reserving a professional meeting area via the event web page.
• Personalised advice for each exhibitor with the objective of designing the stand based on the exhibitor’s needs.
• A programme of open days and conferences led by specialists in the fruit-growing sector.
• Space to present products that are at the service of exhibitors.
• Advice in relation to communication and marketing.
• Circulating news of the event and its exhibitors through the Fira de Lleida press department and its web page.

Sectors represented

• Packaging
• Breeders and nurserymen
• Fruit and vegetable defence
• Industrial machinery
• Logistics and transport
• Stone-protection systems
• Auxiliary systems (consultancies, engineering, financial services, ICTs, industrial cooling)

Commercial department

Companies that are interested in taking part in Eurofruit as exhibitors can contact the Fira de Lleida commercial department:

Mr. Ramon Domingo
Tel. +34 973 70 50 09


You can calculate a non-binding budget of your participation in the fair in the following link: Budget.

Participation options and booth types

You can see the different types of booths offered by Fira de Lleida at the following link: Stands.

Technical open days and sponsorships

Exhibitor companies that wish to hold technical open days, conferences, or public product presentations at Eurofruit can contact the Fira de Lleida’s technical open days department:

Mrs. Irene Pineda
Tel. +34 973 70 50 06

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