Industrial refrigeration, present at Eurofruit 2018

The exhibition in Lleida will offer a wide range of products related to industrial refrigeration for the agri-food sector


Industrial refrigeration is one of the sectors that will be present at the 64th edition of the Sant Miquel Agricultural Fair and the 33rd edition of the Eurofruit show, which will take place from 27th to 30th September at the Fira de Lleida exhibition centre. In the current stocking and marketing processes in the agri-food sector, and particularly in the fruit sector, refrigeration is very important, since with the right temperature and humidity conditions for the chamber, the life of the product can be extended to the maximum. Fruit for example, once extracted from the tree still requires O2, it generates heat and other gases, such as CO2.

On the other hand, the energy efficiency of refrigeration installations, food preservation processes ensuring the cold chain, new technologies, new legislation and the future of refrigerants and new developments in refrigeration applications are topics that are the focus of attention of professionals in the sector.

Cadena del Frio presents the latest news
The company Cadena del Frio will be presenting its wide range of products for industrial refrigeration for food preservation, including advanced technology products, a consulting service and a complementary service of personalised assembly and post-assembly technical service (maintenance and control) for customers.

As far as technological products are concerned, the company specialises in controlled atmosphere for the fruit and vegetable sector. The controlled atmosphere is a technique that consists of modifying the concentrations of gases that are in normal conditions in the atmosphere by means of nitrogen generators, more economic than the gas cylinders.

In the fruit and vegetable world, this technique is used for fruit preservation and as an ecological system for the elimination of parasites, insects, larvae, etc. The new equipment incorporates an intelligent “electronic nose” that analyses the gases present in the chamber and the fruit cells to detect the degree of ripeness, possible diseases or fungi and other incidents.

The company also sells temperature recorders for cold rooms that allow monitoring via mobile phones (via Bluetooth), industrial coolers (hydrocooling), air-cooling tanks, doors and various refrigeration equipment, etc.

The sectors represented at the Sant Miquel Agricultural Fair and at the Eurofruit show are tractors, agricultural machinery, precision agriculture, equipment and services for agriculture and livestock, local agri-food products, nurseries, fertilisers, agricultural trade unions, the automotive industry, financial services and insurance.


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