How to switch to Intelligent Agriculture with Vunkers IoT?

  • Vunkers is a company that offers Internet Services of Things (IoT)
  • Teaching Department promotes research in Vocational Training
  • The company Vunkers bets on the creation of links with vocational training centres

Vunkers IT Experts, with more than 10 years of experience in the telecommunications sector, goes one step further and presents, in this new edition of the Sant Miquel Fair, a new branch of business: Vunkers IoT.

Taking advantage of the Fair event, the company, together with the institutes of Almenar and La Salle de Mollerussa, will present the research, innovation and development project, Agriculture with IoT, thanks to the collaboration agreement that will soon be signed with Teaching Department.

This project will be developed during the academic year in the facilities of the educational centers, as well as in the facilities of the company itself, thanks to the provision of equipment by Vunkers. Highlighting here that students will have at all times a technical advisor who will tutor them.

The aim of this initiative is to promote collaborative work between schools, to bring students closer to the current business reality and to acquire the necessary professional experience so that they are better prepared for the world of work once they have completed their studies.

Vunkers, in addition to a strong commitment to Vocational Training, is the best option for transforming agriculture, as the company has a branch of business, dedicated solely and exclusively to the Internet of things, Vunkers IoT. This division of engineers is constantly working on tailor-made IoT services projects in order to apply the advantages of an innovative, economic and very low-consumption product in the agricultural sector, independent of large operators.

The IoT equipment, developed by Vunkers, has a long autonomy, and among the projects carried out we can highlight an autonomous meteorological station and sun humidity control equipment, for optimization of irrigation with multi-user portal, both for end users and for companies that want to offer these services.

Information provided by the exhibiting company.


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