Biofes SL presents “The new nutrition”

It will introduce the new ecological fertilizers that are revolutionizing the sector of the organic and ecological fertilization.


BIOFES will be present at the Fair of Lleida in EUROFRUIT, and will present the new products in organic and ecological nutrition: “THE NEW NUTRITION” that are the result of research, development and innovation of several years in processes of digestion, composting and stabilization of organic matter and that result in products unique in the sector because of its origin and form of production with a great technological load.

BIOFES is dedicated to the commercialization of organic and ecological biofertilizers, in different forms of presentation: solid (powder, granules), liquid (foliar, fertirrigacion), rich in n.p.k, microlements, organic matter, amino acids.

BIOFES on September 29, 2017 at 10:00 will make a presentation in the hall of Pavilion 4.


Information provided by the exhibiting company.


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