How to switch to Intelligent Agriculture with Vunkers IoT?

  • Vunkers is a company that offers Internet Services of Things (IoT)
  • Teaching Department promotes research in Vocational Training
  • The company Vunkers bets on the creation of links with vocational training centres

Vunkers IT Experts, with more than 10 years of experience in the telecommunications sector, goes one step further and presents, in this new edition of the Sant Miquel Fair, a new branch of business: Vunkers IoT.

Taking advantage of the Fair event, the company, together with the institutes of Almenar and La Salle de Mollerussa, will present the research, innovation and development project, Agriculture with IoT, thanks to the collaboration agreement that will soon be signed with Teaching Department.

This project will be developed during the academic year in the facilities of the educational centers, as well as in the facilities of the company itself, thanks to the provision of equipment by Vunkers. Highlighting here that students will have at all times a technical advisor who will tutor them.

The aim of this initiative is to promote collaborative work between schools, to bring students closer to the current business reality and to acquire the necessary professional experience so that they are better prepared for the world of work once they have completed their studies.

Vunkers, in addition to a strong commitment to Vocational Training, is the best option for transforming agriculture, as the company has a branch of business, dedicated solely and exclusively to the Internet of things, Vunkers IoT. This division of engineers is constantly working on tailor-made IoT services projects in order to apply the advantages of an innovative, economic and very low-consumption product in the agricultural sector, independent of large operators.

The IoT equipment, developed by Vunkers, has a long autonomy, and among the projects carried out we can highlight an autonomous meteorological station and sun humidity control equipment, for optimization of irrigation with multi-user portal, both for end users and for companies that want to offer these services.

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Novafrut is the reference in protection nets

Nova Fruticultura, SL. is known as Novafrut, its registered trademark.

Novafrut is based in Figueres (Girona) and has a warehouse in Mollerussa, in the Vila-Sana industrial estate (Lleida). We have distributors in Aragon, Cantabria, Portugal and Morocco.

With more than 15 years of experience in net protection installations, we have specialised initially in fruit growing but also in other areas such as farms, industries, shops and public spaces.

Where there are structures with nets, Novafrut is there.

Our asset is constant innovation in order to achieve long-lasting, effective installations that require a minimum of annual maintenance.

This is achieved with a very technical team, the use of precision GPS technology and material testing.

The most common installations that Novafrut® carries out throughout Spain are: anti-hail, anti-rain, vine training, climatic for orchards and ornamentals, anti-birds, sports nets, windbreaks, reflective fabrics and everything related to nets.

Our facilities are adapted to the most demanding requirements of each zone: strong winds, important hail, high temperatures, rocky or sandy soils, etc.

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Twitter: @novafrut

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TOTAL AGRI has a range of high-tech lubricants at the service of agriculture

TOTAL AGRI has a range of high-tech lubricants at the service of agriculture.

TOTAL reinforces its offer of services to agricultural professionals, thanks to a complete line of specific products for agricultural machinery.

In order to respond concretely and economically to the requirements of an activity that requires sophisticated machines, TOTAL designs innovative products, adapted to the most recent technical evolutions.

  • INTEGRAL: designed to meet the technological requirements of the latest generation of agricultural equipment as well as those of previous generations.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: complies with most of the international standards and approvals of the main agricultural machinery manufacturers.
  • INNOVATIVE AND UNIQUE: TOTAL lubricants is the only manufacturer to offer you different and innovative products, designed from years of research. Our Fuel Economy Lubricants and Biolubricants are a cost-effective solution to the demands of an activity in constant technological evolution and comply with environmental regulations.


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Fertirrigation in fruit trees: the importance of Calcium

Nutrition by means of irrigation (fertigation) entails a high demand on the fertilizer. A minimum manipulation in the place of consumption and a high precision in the contributions, are necessary to reduce the maintenance of the systems of irrigation and to increase the efficiency of the fertilizers. The content of Nitrogen in nitric form -immediately available for the plant- and the high content in Calcium are key for the obtaining of a greater production and a greater useful life of the fruits.


Calcium, together with nitrogen and potassium, is the most important macronutrient in stone and seed fruit trees. This nutrient is absorbed through the root apexes in ionic form, and its absorption depends on exogenous factors (water content, pH, degree of aeration, temperature…) and endogenous factors (cell wall, respiration, photosynthesis, transpiration…).

Calcium is transported to leaves and developing fruits through the current of transpiration, via xylem. The transport of calcium to the leaves seems to be more related to the growth rate of the roots than to that of the shoots (Scaife and Clarkson, 1978). During foliar and bud development, the concentration of calcium increases; therefore, large amounts of calcium are needed within the plant to ensure healthy growth.

When the fruit reaches about 50 g, more than 50% of the total amount of calcium it will finally have is already in the fruit. Therefore, it is essential that the contributions of calcium applied via soil are made before this stage; the application of calcium nitrate to the soil in spring increases the yield of the crop and at the same time provides calcium to the fruit improving its firmness. From this stage onwards, fruit sprays should be used until harvesting (mainly in pip fruit trees) to complete the calcium levels (the greater the number of applications, the better the result).

The supply of calcium increases production, fruit size and weight, firmness, colouring and acidity (vitamin C). It also increases TSS and sugar content, taste and juiciness, while reducing “bitter spot”, internal fruit rot and greening, improves resistance to Botrytis cinerea and minimizes fruit pitting.

Marschner (1995) describes that any increase in calcium concentration, however small, helps to prevent or drastically reduce economic losses caused by storage-associated diseases such as Gloesporium rot. On the other hand, Fallahi et al. (1997) states that high concentrations of calcium in fruits increase their post-harvest longevity, slowing down senescence and suppressing the decomposition produced by certain pathogenic microorganisms. In view of these premises, it is important to maintain levels above 5 mg/100 g of fresh weight at harvest time in order to minimise quality problems in storage.


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A walk with the DOP Les Garrigues to discover the secrets of oil

The Sant Miquel-Eurofruit Fair will also host a pairing of fruit and oil by the journalist and gourmet Pep Nogué.

The extra virgin olive oil returns with force to the Sant Miquel Fair and to the Eurofruit show in Lleida. The Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Les Garrigues proposes visitors to enjoy a “Walk with the PDO Les Garrigues”, in which, in addition to being able to taste the oil of Lleida with a seal of quality, the most characteristic aromas of the oils (almond, tomato, leaf, etc.) characteristic of the arbequina and its link with the territory can be discovered. Les Garrigues PDO will be present with a stand and various activities at the 64th edition of the Sant Miquel Agricultural Fair and the 33rd edition of the Eurofruit show, events that will take place at the Fira de Lleida exhibition centre from 27 to 30 September.

The public will be able to taste the oils from each of the cooperatives with this seal of quality, as every day there will be present, on a rotating basis, the oil from five of the registered cooperatives, located in their own counters, and will be able to find out everything related to these centenary institutions and their oil. The Les Garrigues PDO stand will also host a sample of oils from all the registered cooperatives, in addition to the active presence of cooperatives, with their own exhibition and direct sale of oil.

Another of the novelties organised by the Regulatory Council is a pairing of fruit and oil, directed by Pep Nogué, journalist and gourmet, specialising in foods with a quality mark. The aim is to raise awareness of the possibilities of preparing fruit dishes, mainly from Lleida, with extra virgin olive oil with DOP Les Garrigues, healthy and essential foods in a healthy and balanced diet.

During the four days of the fair visitors will also have the opportunity to remember and enjoy the healthy snacks of bread with oil DOP Les Garrigues and chocolate and participate in oil draws.



The Sant Miquel Fair and Eurofruit bet on precision agriculture

It will host news related to drones, industrial refrigeration, cost management, GPS guidance for agricultural vehicles and farm management.


The Sant Miquel Fair and the Eurofruit show will dedicate a prominent space to precision agriculture —the application of information and communication technologies to agriculture — which allows the acquisition of data on the crop and its environment, its processing to convert it into useful information and the processing and storage of the information obtained for decision-making on the management to be carried out. Precision farming allows farmers and experienced technicians to have detailed information on the characteristics of the crop and its environment (soil, climate, etc.), which helps them to make better informed decisions and improve the profitability of farms by improving their management.

Professionals visiting the 64th edition of the Sant Miquel Agricultural Fair and the 33rd edition of the Eurofruit show, which will take place from 27th to 30th September at the Fira de Lleida, will find a wide range of services related to precision agriculture.

Thus, the large agricultural event will host numerous new developments related to very diverse sectors such as drones, technology increasingly important in the management of agricultural resources – especially agriculture and forestry – and which in this edition will play a special role with the official presentation in Lleida of Dronecoria, a programme aimed at the reforestation of forests burned by means of a drone that intelligently launches seeds and microorganisms in areas devastated by fires, earthquakes or tsunamis.

Precision agriculture will also be manifested in areas such as industrial refrigeration (controlled atmosphere equipment with intelligent electronic sensors to analyse the gases present in the chamber and the degree of ripeness, possible diseases or fungi and other incidents of the fruit; temperature recorders in cold rooms that allow monitoring via mobile phone via Bluetooth, etc.); irrigation systems (long-life hydrants, manure injection systems through the sprinkler system, solar pumping, monitoring of pipes to optimize water demand, etc.).

IT solutions for farm management will also be presented, with software for the technical monitoring of different crops, for the management of costs and resources (machinery, manpower) and for administrative and legal obligations (traceability, field notebooks), as well as advanced GPS guidance systems for agricultural vehicles and applications for farm management that allow farmers to carry out careful cost management (by plot and crop), always with updated data on the computer, smartphone or tablet.

Precision agriculture is gaining ground
Since the fields do not produce exactly the same amount of land over their entire area, the aim of precision agriculture is precisely to manage the plots with this variability in mind, i.e. not in a uniform way but in a specific way, taking into account the different areas of similar characteristics that can be defined. According to a classic definition, precision farming consists of “carrying out the right operation, at the right place, at the right time, in the right way and in the right quantity”.

The practice of precision agriculture can be carried out according to two methodologies: the one based on digital maps of information (from a map of the plot with the distribution of the variables made with GPS, a new one is made showing what to do at each point (intensity of the operation or dose of product to be applied) and the one based on sensors and in real time (data collection, decision and action are carried out in real time while the tractor and the equipment are moving around the plot).

The term precision agriculture encompasses a series of technologies for application in agricultural production, whose common factor is the use of ICT in the rationalization of decision-making and its precise execution. Any task that forms part of the operations necessary for the implantation, development and exploitation of a crop can be carried out using any of the techniques that make up precision agriculture. Since its beginnings in the last decade of the 20th century, precision agriculture has been incorporating new methods and responding to different problems, which has meant that its definition has evolved in accordance with its dynamic nature, characteristic of new technologies.

Broadly speaking, and in accordance with the objectives, precision farming techniques are classified into two main sections: techniques aimed at managing the spatial variability of soil properties and crop condition, and techniques aimed at helping to guide and standardise mechanised operations.




Agroborges will be present for yet another year at Eurofruit 2018

AGROBORGES is a company located in Les Borges Blanques with more than 30 years of experience and which continues to offer its customers the best products and services, thanks to the dedication of its team of professionals.

As we pointed out the previous year Agroborges has centralized all its departments in a new headquarters of more than 3500 m² in the Industrial Estate Les Verdunes, 11-12 of the same town.

We are wholesale distributors of phytosanitary products, solid and liquid fertilizers, micronutrients, zero residue products, agricultural material, gardening and postharvest among many others.

We take care of our clients by offering the best services: immediate delivery of products, technical advice, monitoring and follow-up of pests, logbook, integrated production and fertilization plans.

Once again this year, we will be present at Eurofruit from 27 to 30 September with our own stand presenting the latest market solutions for the agricultural sector. Agroborges is confident that you will visit our stand at this new edition of the fair and greet you personally.

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The drones are consolidated as one of the most dynamic sectors of the Sant Miquel Fair – Eurofruit

The show will include a stand to answer questions about drones, a space for flight demonstrations and the presentation of the Dronecoria project.


Precision agriculture, and more specifically the application of drones, is becoming one of the most dynamic sectors at the Sant Miquel and Eurofruit trade fairs in Lleida. This year, and with the help of the LleidaDrone association, these devices will have a prominent role through an extensive programme of activities that will include live demonstrations, a consultation service for visitors interested in the subject, introductory sessions for children and the presentation of the innovative Dronecoria project. It should be remembered that the 64th edition of the Sant Miquel Agricultural Fair and the 33rd edition of the Eurofruit show will take place from 27th to 30th September.

During the presentation of the drone activities at the Sant Miquel – Eurofruit Fair, Àngel Ros, Mayor of Lleida and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Fira de Lleida Foundation, stressed the importance of this technology in the management of agricultural resources, especially agricultural and forestry resources, and added that Lleida is a world leader in the field of drones, with the LleidaDrone association being particularly noteworthy. Oriol Oró, General Manager of Fira de Lleida, said that the Sant Miquel Fair and Eurofruit are the perfect setting for any technology – such as drones – that contributes to better management of irrigation, fertilizers and phytosanitary products.

Andreu Ibáñez, president of LleidaDrone, an advanced technology association located in the Gardeny Science Park in Lleida, explained that the entity will once again be present for the fourth consecutive year at the Sant Miquel – Eurofruit Fair with a stand in Pavilion 4, where several companies from the sector will be attending to those interested in the world of drones, and with the “Drone Arena” space, 11×16 m, which will allow flight demonstrations. Similarly, on Saturday, 29 September and Sunday, 30 September, children will be offered the opportunity to learn to fly toy drones and participate in a drone race.

Presentation of the Dronecoria project
The Sant Miquel – Eurofruit Fair will also be the framework for the official presentation in Lleida of Dronecoria, a programme by the engineer Lot Amorós, a collaborator of LleidaDrone, aimed at the reforestation of burnt forests by means of a drone that has already obtained great international recognition. The initiative has been presented in 5 countries and has won several international awards.

Dronecoria incorporates the drones bottles with seeds and microorganisms, which are launched in areas devastated by fires, earthquakes or tsunamis. The flying apparatuses have cameras to analyze the best places of action. This alternative increases the possibility of seed germination and access to places where it is not possible to reach on foot.

With a construction cost of 3,000 euros, the drone in question has 6 engines, measures 1.60 meters long and weighs 12 kilos, and has a capacity for 8 kilos of seeds. The device is also sustainable, as it is basically made of wood, avoiding complicated recycling materials.

The project includes the entire reforestation process, from the physical construction of the drone, the incorporation of the software, the preparation of the seeds and their launching in the affected areas. The software with artificial intelligence allows you to drop the seeds on the most suitable areas for them to develop. As for the seeds, the most suitable ones for each soil (grasses, shrubs or trees) are chosen and then palletised, that is, they are incorporated into the same layers of nutrients and natural insect repellent products.

In addition to Spain, the project has been presented in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Sweden and Chile, where flight tests are already being conducted. In Brazil, the drone has already carried out some pilot tests of reforestation tasks. The initiative has the support of the United Nations, Telefónica, Ikea, Autodesk, Intech 3D and LleidaDrone, among others.

In addition, the TIC Laboratory of the Gardeny Science Park, the Liquid Galaxy LAB, will show the first developments being made in the project’s software, including camera recognition and artificial intelligence of the most suitable burnt areas for afforestation, and the identification of the most suitable routes to launch the seeds, through a system of 5 screens exhibited at the Sant Miquel – Eurofruit Fair.



Industrial refrigeration, present at Eurofruit 2018

The exhibition in Lleida will offer a wide range of products related to industrial refrigeration for the agri-food sector


Industrial refrigeration is one of the sectors that will be present at the 64th edition of the Sant Miquel Agricultural Fair and the 33rd edition of the Eurofruit show, which will take place from 27th to 30th September at the Fira de Lleida exhibition centre. In the current stocking and marketing processes in the agri-food sector, and particularly in the fruit sector, refrigeration is very important, since with the right temperature and humidity conditions for the chamber, the life of the product can be extended to the maximum. Fruit for example, once extracted from the tree still requires O2, it generates heat and other gases, such as CO2.

On the other hand, the energy efficiency of refrigeration installations, food preservation processes ensuring the cold chain, new technologies, new legislation and the future of refrigerants and new developments in refrigeration applications are topics that are the focus of attention of professionals in the sector.

Cadena del Frio presents the latest news
The company Cadena del Frio will be presenting its wide range of products for industrial refrigeration for food preservation, including advanced technology products, a consulting service and a complementary service of personalised assembly and post-assembly technical service (maintenance and control) for customers.

As far as technological products are concerned, the company specialises in controlled atmosphere for the fruit and vegetable sector. The controlled atmosphere is a technique that consists of modifying the concentrations of gases that are in normal conditions in the atmosphere by means of nitrogen generators, more economic than the gas cylinders.

In the fruit and vegetable world, this technique is used for fruit preservation and as an ecological system for the elimination of parasites, insects, larvae, etc. The new equipment incorporates an intelligent “electronic nose” that analyses the gases present in the chamber and the fruit cells to detect the degree of ripeness, possible diseases or fungi and other incidents.

The company also sells temperature recorders for cold rooms that allow monitoring via mobile phones (via Bluetooth), industrial coolers (hydrocooling), air-cooling tanks, doors and various refrigeration equipment, etc.

The sectors represented at the Sant Miquel Agricultural Fair and at the Eurofruit show are tractors, agricultural machinery, precision agriculture, equipment and services for agriculture and livestock, local agri-food products, nurseries, fertilisers, agricultural trade unions, the automotive industry, financial services and insurance.


Tecno-irrigation: innovative solutions in irrigation systems

Hidromatic will be present at the Sant Miquel Fair – Eurofruit 2018


Hidromatic will present at the Sant Miquel – Eurofruit Fair in Lleida its integral system of irrigation installations. It groups in a single company the agronomic advice, the hydraulic design, the manufacturing processes of the irrigation head, prefabricated cabins, steel boilermaking, polyethylene boilermaking, electricity, electromechanics, irrigation automatisms, excavations, pre-assembly, transport and after-sales.

It will also present its technological innovations that are solutions to the real problems of its customers: long-lasting hydrants, slurry injection systems, solar pumping, energy optimization systems, monitoring and management of lateral pipelines and irrigation communities.

The integral system of Hidromatic irrigation installations optimizes the execution of irrigation projects. With a minimum of time, they respond to customers. All quality parameters are defined. Precision engineering together with the assembly and manufacturing equipment and the kit system (pre-assembly) allows us to provide high quality standards. An agile after-sales service, with well trained and experienced people, guarantees the continuous operation of our facilities.

The innovations, long-lasting hydrants, radically reduce the maintenance tasks of the installations. The slurry injection system, unique in the market, is the solution to the use and distribution of slurry by the sprinkler system. Solar pumps are the answer to lowering the energy costs of pumping water. The Hidromatic service for monitoring lateral pipelines and irrigation communities, with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service, allows the water demand to be optimized, with total autonomy for the irrigators.

Hidromatic is a provider of efficient and durable irrigation solutions for agriculture. Born in 1999. Located in Soses (Lleida). For 18 years it has created a team of 45 highly professional people and has equipped itself with the means of production to meet the needs of current irrigation projects.


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