Oms Compost presents its fertilization solutions at Eurofruit

OMS COMPOST is a family business that arose from the idea of fertilizing the fields without chemical products or contamination of any kind, producing a compost-fertilizer, organic, natural and ecological.

The raw material in the production of compost-fertilizer is based on manure of unique origin and exclusively from cattle. One of the main parameters of raw material control is the control of the presence of heavy metals and chemical or noxious products.

The production of compost-fertilizer is based on a totally artisanal composting process with a careful control of temperature and humidity, by means of periodic movements of turning of the piles until a high quality product is obtained.

The compost-fertilizer obtained, in addition, of being a fertilizer rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, has a high biological richness that together with all the microelements present more humic and fulvic acids, gives it qualities that makes this product applied to the soil has a high yield for any crop. The contribution of organic matter and the biological activity that allows the soil to be more structured, rich, active and balanced must also be taken into account.

From the experience of OMS COMPOST, we have realized that by applying our compost-fertilizer in these fields both blocked (because of an excess of chemical products and, in many cases, with the presence of heavy metals causing imbalances in crops and low production), not only unblocking and balancing them but also achieving high yields in crops and high quality products.

The philosophy of OMS COMPOST is to produce a natural compound-fertilizer without chemicals so that the farmer has the possibility to offer fruits for the most demanding market.


Information provided by the exhibiting company.


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