Eurofruit strengthens the nursery sector

The exhibiting companies of the sector will occupy an area of about 200 m²


Fruit trees, in their varieties of seed trees, stone trees and nut trees, will play an important role this year in the nursery exhibition of the 64th edition of the Sant Miquel Agricultural Fair (Spanush Agricultural Machinery Fair) and the 33rd edition of Eurofruit (Professional Fair of Suppliers of the Fruit Industry), which will take place from 27 to 30 September at the Fira de Lleida facilities. In addition to the production of stone fruit trees and pome trees —and other more atypical productions such as truffle plants—, grafts and rootstocks will also play an important role in the nursery offer.

The nursery companies that have already confirmed their presence at the Lleida agricultural fair are Viveros Provedo (Soses), Vivers Duran SL (Lleida), Plavise SAT (Alguaire), Vivers DLP (Girona), Certiplant (Mollerussa) and Inotruf (Teruel).

Viveros Provedo presents as a novelty in Sant Miquel several peaches and nectarines with Extreme taste. It will also enhance some of its new varieties of plums, such as Blondy®79, early, with excellent productivity, high caliber, beautiful skin of a very resistant golden yellow color, which is not marked when harvested and perfectly resists the commercial channel. In pavements, Argos® stands out, a variety that is achieving extraordinary success. Its precocity and hardness, together with its large caliber, make it a very powerful product that also has a very long post-harvest life that allows it to be exported over long distances.

Provedo holds 90 patents as a result of its research efforts, each one with specific characteristics and aimed at a specific market or use. It is a highly expanded and consolidated firm in countries such as Chile, South Africa, USA, Australia, Italy, France, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey.

Vivers Duran is a family business with more than sixty years of history specializing in fruit tree seedlings that will present a wide range of olive, almond, apple and pear trees, among others.

Vivers DLP, a subsidiary of DL (Davodeau-Ligonnière) in Spain, will offer the best varieties of apple trees in a 9-month-old plant from English grafting. It has exclusive DL varieties available for licensing such as Gala BROOKFIELD® Baigent, Granny CHALLENGER® Dalivair, Golden REINDERS®, Golden PINKGOLD® Leratess and external licenses for Fuji ZHEN® AZTEC, JEROMINE® and Golden CRIELAARD®.

DLP Nurseries’ strategy is to offer a tailor-made plant. The client chooses the variety, the exact rootstock and the type of branching, and the firm adapts each order to the client’s request to achieve the entire branching without gaps in the plant.

The company Plavise will be present at the fair with its range of rootstocks and certified apple and pear trees. It will also display peach seeds.

Certiplant, a company of the Nufri Group, is the leader in the production of certified apple and pear plants, and has the best clones of each variety. It is also at the forefront of varietal developments in the stone fruit sector. The company is committed to varietal innovation and will promote varieties such as the Elliot pear or the Harrow Sweet at the show.

Inotruf, one of the few companies in the country dedicated to the production of high quality mycorrhized plants, will show its catalogue of mycorrhized seedlings with black and summer truffles.

Catalonia, more than 220 companies producing live plants
Catalonia currently has more than 220 companies producing live plants, which occupy a cultivation area of some 1,800 ha (of which some 1,600 ha are grown outdoors and some 200 ha under glass). The production of live plants includes the cultivation of ornamental trees, Christmas trees, ornamental shrubs, conifers, cacti, aromatic plants, seasonal plants, perennials, shade plants, Mediterranean plants, crass plants, palms, forest plants, fruit trees and the plant reproductive material of the previous productions (tissue culture, seed germination, rooting of cuttings and grafts).

According to the Federation of Nursery Farmers of Catalonia, the companies that make up the sector are small and medium-sized, most of them family-run. The size of the holdings varies from one hectare in the case of intensive production of ornamental plants under glass to more than 50 ha in the case of tree and shrub production outside. The main markets in the sector are the rest of Spain and, increasingly, other European Community countries, mainly France and Italy. The Catalan nursery growers export plants worth around 40 million euros a year.


The Fair of Sant Miquel-Eurofruit offers a wide calendar of technical conferences

Sessions related to new developments in the world of livestock, fruit growing, irrigation and precision agriculture


The Sant Miquel Agricultural Fair and the Eurofruit show, which will take place from 28 September to 1 October 2017 at the Lleida Fair, will be the setting for various professional technical conferences focusing on current issues in the fields of livestock, fruit growing, irrigation and precision agriculture. It should be remembered that this double agricultural event will host more than fifty technical activities, including workshops, seminars, presentations, demonstrations and tastings.




Femac organizes the PIC Meeting 2017 in Lleida

FEMAC, the Production Means Cluster of Catalonia, organizes the 7th edition of the Pic Meeting, the most important event in the plant production industry that is held annually in Europe, in Lleida on 27 and 28 September 2017. This event is aimed at SMEs, Research Centres, agricultural companies, professionals in the field, Start Ups, and clusters from all over the world.

The first day of these conferences, will take place in the Science and Agrifood Park of Lleida, will focus on a general idea about European Programmes in innovation in agriculture and plants. The rapporteur is expected to be Ms Lise Lykke Steffensen CEO of the NordGen centre, responsible for managing Svalbard GLOBAL SEED VAULT (, a seed store where up to 933,000 samples are stored to ensure crop diversity and global food security. We will also have representatives from the Ellen McArthur Foundation who will talk to us about the concept of “Circular Economy” in agriculture. In the afternoon there will be 4 parallel workshops, where each participant can choose beforehand according to their interests. These workshops will deal with Crop Management issues, which will be addressed by Mr. Henrik Lynge Jacobsen, from the Danish company AGROINTELLI, who will introduce us to innovative technologies applied to crop management. Other topics to be addressed include the digitization of the agricultural sector and innovations in technologies for crop genetics. During the second day, which will be held at the Lleida Fair, within the framework of the Sant Miquel-Eurofruit Fair, B2B sessions will be held among the participants to promote future strategic cooperation and parallel visits to IRTA, the Institute for Agricultural Research of Catalonia, and a vine plantation in Raimat, run by AGROPIXEL, a crop management consultancy.

The Pic Meeting has already held 6 editions since 2011 in different French cities such as Paris, Marseille, Angers and Montpellier and countries such as Portugal and Argentina, all with the same format. Previous editions have been motivated by the main objective of developing international cooperation, in terms of international missions for its members and to collaborate in European projects, all positioning the event in the sector of plant production. Under this objective, the Inter Plant Cluster Consortium centralizes its innovations in the following crops: cereals, seeds, fruit and vegetables, ornamental horticulture, vines, tropical plants, medicinal and aromatic.

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Agroborges will be present for yet another year at Eurofruit 2017

Agroquímics Les Borges SL is a company located in Les Borges Blanques created in 1985 and which continues to offer its customers the best products and services, thanks to the extensive experience of its founders and the dedication of its team of professionals.

As we pointed out the previous year Agroborges has centralized, at the beginning of this year, all its departments in a new headquarters of more than 3500 m2 in the Industrial Estate Les Verdunes, 11-12 of the same town.

We are wholesale distributors of phytosanitary products, solid and liquid fertilizers, micronutrients, zero residue products, agricultural material, gardening and postharvest among many others.

We take care of our clients by offering the best services: immediate delivery of products, technical advice, monitoring and follow-up of pests, logbook, integrated production and fertilization plans.

Once again this year, we will be present at Eurofruit from 28 September to 1 October with our own stand presenting the latest market solutions for the agricultural sector. Agroborges is confident that you will visit our stand at this new edition of the fair and greet you personally.

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Oms Compost presents its fertilization solutions at Eurofruit

OMS COMPOST is a family business that arose from the idea of fertilizing the fields without chemical products or contamination of any kind, producing a compost-fertilizer, organic, natural and ecological.

The raw material in the production of compost-fertilizer is based on manure of unique origin and exclusively from cattle. One of the main parameters of raw material control is the control of the presence of heavy metals and chemical or noxious products.

The production of compost-fertilizer is based on a totally artisanal composting process with a careful control of temperature and humidity, by means of periodic movements of turning of the piles until a high quality product is obtained.

The compost-fertilizer obtained, in addition, of being a fertilizer rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, has a high biological richness that together with all the microelements present more humic and fulvic acids, gives it qualities that makes this product applied to the soil has a high yield for any crop. The contribution of organic matter and the biological activity that allows the soil to be more structured, rich, active and balanced must also be taken into account.

From the experience of OMS COMPOST, we have realized that by applying our compost-fertilizer in these fields both blocked (because of an excess of chemical products and, in many cases, with the presence of heavy metals causing imbalances in crops and low production), not only unblocking and balancing them but also achieving high yields in crops and high quality products.

The philosophy of OMS COMPOST is to produce a natural compound-fertilizer without chemicals so that the farmer has the possibility to offer fruits for the most demanding market.


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Technology consulting firm Aritmos will present its renewed business strategy at Fira de Lleida

Aritmos, the technology consultancy company based in Lleida, will present its renewed corporate strategy and its guidelines for the coming years, within the framework of the largest and most important fair in the territory (Sant Miquel Agricultural Fair / Eurofruit 2017). The company is investing great efforts to securely drive the digital transformation of companies through technology; to this end, it will unveil a renewed approach that will help leverage the technological change that many companies must face in the coming times.

Aritmos, in collaboration with different technological partners, is developing advanced business management solutions that will allow these companies to project towards the aforementioned future scenario: in short, ideas and technological tools that make it easier for companies of all sizes and sectors of activity to deliver the best results to the market. All this, accompanied by an intensified professional service and high added value of the technology consultancy.

In fact, faced with the current unprecedented digital revolution that companies are experiencing, which is having a strong impact on all business sectors, Aritmos has decided to strengthen its strategic position to lead and support with guarantees the comprehensive digital transformation of customers. An objective that can only be achieved through the constant contribution of new and greater knowledge, better technological know-how and new high value business solutions.

Aritmos will be present at the Sant Miquel Agricultural Fair / Eurofruit 2017 (Feria de Lleida) to publicise this orientation. In particular in hall 4, stand 421-D, from 28 September to 1 October. This coincides with the updating of Aritmos’ corporate image as a company.

For more information contact:
Arithms / Press and Communication /
Josep Suriguera / / +34 977 24 21 28

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Biofes SL presents “The new nutrition”

It will introduce the new ecological fertilizers that are revolutionizing the sector of the organic and ecological fertilization.


BIOFES will be present at the Fair of Lleida in EUROFRUIT, and will present the new products in organic and ecological nutrition: “THE NEW NUTRITION” that are the result of research, development and innovation of several years in processes of digestion, composting and stabilization of organic matter and that result in products unique in the sector because of its origin and form of production with a great technological load.

BIOFES is dedicated to the commercialization of organic and ecological biofertilizers, in different forms of presentation: solid (powder, granules), liquid (foliar, fertirrigacion), rich in n.p.k, microlements, organic matter, amino acids.

BIOFES on September 29, 2017 at 10:00 will make a presentation in the hall of Pavilion 4.


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Drones and precision agriculture are consolidated at the Feria de Sant Miquel-Eurofruit

LleidaDrone organizes during the morning of Thursday 28 September the X Professional Conferences and Amateur


The 63rd edition of the Sant Miquel Agricultural Fair and the 32nd edition of Eurofruit, which will be held from September 28 to October 1, will host the 10th LleidaDrone Professional and Amateur Conferences, organized by the LleidaDrone Association, with the collaboration of Fira de Lleida, the cluster Catalonia Smart Drones —under the auspices of the Generalitat de Catalunya’s secretary of Telecommunications— and several partners.

The 10th LleidaDrone Professional and Amateur Conferences will be held on Thursday, September 28, from 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the Conference Hall of Pavilion 4, and will focus on Precision Agriculture with drones. During the lectures, the experts will expose to the professionals of the sector its technological innovations divided in precision agriculture —will be exposed concrete cases of operation of the drones in the agricultural farms and the improvements that they have contributed to the farmers— and will speak on the sector of the drones in general.

On Thursday 28th, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., live demonstration flights will be held at the LleidaDrone Arena, a large 4,500 m3 space with safety nets, located at the entrance of Pavilion 4, which will recreate an agricultural estate (with 30 large palm trees). Several firms will conduct continuous demonstrations of drone flight, data capture and reporting to explain to the farmers the processes and results directly.

The demonstrations will be repeated throughout Friday and Saturday afternoon, in a day addressed to the children, in which will be launched multiple drones of a suitable size so that the youngest and young can have a first experience in the world of drones. In addition, on Sunday, October 1, from 12 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., drone races and free flights will be performed.

During the four days of the double exhibition fair, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., the LleidaDrone Arena exhibition space will be open, in which LleidaDrone and the companies Teleponent, Dronnord, Intech3D and Liquid Galaxy LAB will present their innovations.




The irrigation sector presents the novelties at the Sant Miquel Agricultural Fair–Eurofruit

The use of photovoltaic panels to produce energy to pump water, the star of the innovations that visitors will see


Professionals who visit the Sant Miquel Agricultural Fair and the Eurofruit exhibition, parallel events that will take place from September 28 to October 1, 2017 at the Fira de Lleida, will find a wide range of services and innovations related to irrigation. This year, Aigües del Segarra Garrigues, SA (ASG), Hidrolec, Ongrub Medi Ambient, SL, Regs RM and Hidromatic Ponent, SL

Aigües del Segarra Garrigues, SA (ASG) participates for another year with its own stand at Sant Miquel-Eurofruit to inform and resolve doubts to irrigators and the public in general about the Segarra-Garrigues System. ASG is the company awarded the contract for the execution of the land consolidation projects and the drafting of the construction projects, the execution of the works, the operation and maintenance of the irrigation system of the Segarra-Garrigues System.

Hidrolec is committed to watering the solar pumping system with the use of photovoltaic panels to obtain the energy of the sun to run a submerged water pump and extract the amount needed to irrigate several hectares of fields. Hidrolec is a family-owned company that is dedicated mainly to the treatment of water and electricity in all its aspects: wells and perforations, hydraulic networks, irrigation, pumps, electricity, alternative energies, remote management and water treatment.

Ongrub Medi Ambient, SL will present at Sant Miquel-Eurofruit its water pumping system, with the use of energy produced by photovoltaic panels. This photovoltaic solar installation for self-consumption has already been used in different fields with fruit trees and almond trees. Ongrub Medi Ambient, SL is dedicated to the commercialization, the design, the execution of work and the maintenance of irrigation systems (dripping and sprinkling), pumping stations, irrigation communities, filtration, automatism, irrigation gardening, drinking water networks, swimming pools and water treatment.

Regs RM is a specialist in the agricultural sector, in irrigation winders, irrigation systems (sprinkling and dripping), total sprinkler coverings, waterproofing of reservoirs, hydraulic works and pumping systems. The company is increasingly supplying automated irrigation facilities, which are used by small and large farmland owners and offer significant water and energy savings, since programmers can be used to determine the hours and amount of water. The most common installations are the system of irrigation by winder (the most economical option and allowing irrigation of several plots with the same machine), pivot system (for a specific plot) and irrigation system by sprinkling and dripping.

Hidromatic Ponent, SL will present at Sant Miguel–Eurofruit the latest developments in facilities, materials and accessories for irrigation in farms.