Agroborges will be present for yet another year at Eurofruit 2017

Agroquímics Les Borges SL is a company located in Les Borges Blanques created in 1985 and which continues to offer its customers the best products and services, thanks to the extensive experience of its founders and the dedication of its team of professionals.

As we pointed out the previous year Agroborges has centralized, at the beginning of this year, all its departments in a new headquarters of more than 3500 m2 in the Industrial Estate Les Verdunes, 11-12 of the same town.

We are wholesale distributors of phytosanitary products, solid and liquid fertilizers, micronutrients, zero residue products, agricultural material, gardening and postharvest among many others.

We take care of our clients by offering the best services: immediate delivery of products, technical advice, monitoring and follow-up of pests, logbook, integrated production and fertilization plans.

Once again this year, we will be present at Eurofruit from 28 September to 1 October with our own stand presenting the latest market solutions for the agricultural sector. Agroborges is confident that you will visit our stand at this new edition of the fair and greet you personally.

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Oms Compost presents its fertilization solutions at Eurofruit

OMS COMPOST is a family business that arose from the idea of fertilizing the fields without chemical products or contamination of any kind, producing a compost-fertilizer, organic, natural and ecological.

The raw material in the production of compost-fertilizer is based on manure of unique origin and exclusively from cattle. One of the main parameters of raw material control is the control of the presence of heavy metals and chemical or noxious products.

The production of compost-fertilizer is based on a totally artisanal composting process with a careful control of temperature and humidity, by means of periodic movements of turning of the piles until a high quality product is obtained.

The compost-fertilizer obtained, in addition, of being a fertilizer rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, has a high biological richness that together with all the microelements present more humic and fulvic acids, gives it qualities that makes this product applied to the soil has a high yield for any crop. The contribution of organic matter and the biological activity that allows the soil to be more structured, rich, active and balanced must also be taken into account.

From the experience of OMS COMPOST, we have realized that by applying our compost-fertilizer in these fields both blocked (because of an excess of chemical products and, in many cases, with the presence of heavy metals causing imbalances in crops and low production), not only unblocking and balancing them but also achieving high yields in crops and high quality products.

The philosophy of OMS COMPOST is to produce a natural compound-fertilizer without chemicals so that the farmer has the possibility to offer fruits for the most demanding market.


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Technology consulting firm Aritmos will present its renewed business strategy at Fira de Lleida

Aritmos, the technology consultancy company based in Lleida, will present its renewed corporate strategy and its guidelines for the coming years, within the framework of the largest and most important fair in the territory (Sant Miquel Agricultural Fair / Eurofruit 2017). The company is investing great efforts to securely drive the digital transformation of companies through technology; to this end, it will unveil a renewed approach that will help leverage the technological change that many companies must face in the coming times.

Aritmos, in collaboration with different technological partners, is developing advanced business management solutions that will allow these companies to project towards the aforementioned future scenario: in short, ideas and technological tools that make it easier for companies of all sizes and sectors of activity to deliver the best results to the market. All this, accompanied by an intensified professional service and high added value of the technology consultancy.

In fact, faced with the current unprecedented digital revolution that companies are experiencing, which is having a strong impact on all business sectors, Aritmos has decided to strengthen its strategic position to lead and support with guarantees the comprehensive digital transformation of customers. An objective that can only be achieved through the constant contribution of new and greater knowledge, better technological know-how and new high value business solutions.

Aritmos will be present at the Sant Miquel Agricultural Fair / Eurofruit 2017 (Feria de Lleida) to publicise this orientation. In particular in hall 4, stand 421-D, from 28 September to 1 October. This coincides with the updating of Aritmos’ corporate image as a company.

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Josep Suriguera / / +34 977 24 21 28

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Biofes SL presents “The new nutrition”

It will introduce the new ecological fertilizers that are revolutionizing the sector of the organic and ecological fertilization.


BIOFES will be present at the Fair of Lleida in EUROFRUIT, and will present the new products in organic and ecological nutrition: “THE NEW NUTRITION” that are the result of research, development and innovation of several years in processes of digestion, composting and stabilization of organic matter and that result in products unique in the sector because of its origin and form of production with a great technological load.

BIOFES is dedicated to the commercialization of organic and ecological biofertilizers, in different forms of presentation: solid (powder, granules), liquid (foliar, fertirrigacion), rich in n.p.k, microlements, organic matter, amino acids.

BIOFES on September 29, 2017 at 10:00 will make a presentation in the hall of Pavilion 4.


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Agroptima presents its new multiuser functionality in Eurofruit

This new functionality meets the need of having different access levels in the application, according to the different jobs carried out on an agricultural farm.

Agroptima, the mobile application that keeps a Field Notebook and manages agricultural farms from a mobile phone or tablet, is having evident success among professional farmers and, less than two years after the company was founded,  has reached more than 1,000 customers in Spain, as well as the management of more than 300,000 hectares.

The new functionality presented by Agroptima in Eurofruit – Feria de Agraria de Sant Miquel de Lleida is a Multiuser Module. Thanks to this new functionality, farmers are  able to create personalised access, restricted by Agroptima for their workers, and offering different access levels. 

The first access level available from June onwards is “Access only to the App”. This  allows the worker to have access to the App through their mail and password, to see and enter any work they have carried out. By doing so, the worker will not have access to the Website Account nor the Costs Module.

This launch meets the need to offer costumers the possibility of allowing their workers to enter their own activities using the same account, but restricts access to sensitive configuration or cost control data. All jobs carried out by the different users are received in the same account simultaneously, whereas access to private data can be restricted.

With this news, Agroptima offers a tool to farmers to keep agronomical and cost control of every single operation from the field, to have their data synchronised and updated from different profiles and, finally, to have access to their account from any location, maximizing their profits.

About Agroptima

Agroptima was founded in 2014 with the aim of turning agriculture into a more competitive activity, thanks to the simple access of technology and data collection.

Founded by farmers and engineers, its mission consists of providing a tool which allows farmers to control their farm in an easy and efficient way. Agroptima has had more than 60,000 downloads and 10 innovation awards, and has a team of 20 professionals dedicated to the agricultural sector.

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